New Vendor Information For The Roosevelt Mall Flea Market

Dear Vendor:

Please read this notice in its entirety. It’s filled with very important new rules and guidelines for The New Roosevelt Flea Market.

The Roosevelt Flea Market has some big changes starting 2023. Construction has started in our former location in front of The Roosevelt Mall so we are now moving to the lot along Roosevelt Blvd & Cottman Ave by Macy’s – behind the gas station. This move is permanent as new stores are being built in our former location. Below is the artist rendering and development gallery of the new Roosevelt Mall:

Click Here For The Artist Rendering 

Click Here For The Redevelopment Gallery

Macy’s has agreed to let us move to their lot but with some restrictions that we haven’t had in the past. More than 80% of the Roosevelt Mall parking lot will be fenced off for construction which means parking for shoppers will only be in the lots surrounding Macy’s and we need parking not only for our Flea Market shoppers but for Macy’s shoppers as well. If parking for Macy’s shoppers becomes too restricted due to too many Flea Market shoppers taking up all their parking, Macy’s will have us shut down permanently!

Also, Macy’s does not want any new merchandise sold at the Flea Market that they sell. They will have spotters coming around to check. Please don’t be the vendor that tries to sell new merchandise that gets us shut down for good!

These are the rules and guidelines that Macy’s has put in place in order for us to continue the Flea Market on their property.

1) In order to preserve parking spaces, all vendors MUST keep their vehicle with them on their space for the day. You cannot unload at your space and then park your vehicle in another section of the lot. No single spaces will be issued, all vendors must take a minimum of at least 2 parking spaces ($60.00) to keep their vehicle with them on their space for the day.

2) All vendors MUST be in their space and set up no later than 8AM or your space will be issued out to vendors that are waiting in the lot regardless if you’re a paid monthly vendor or not. Just because your space is paid does not me you can arrive late.

3) Vendors MUST only sell used, 2nd hand or vintage merchandise. If you sell new merchandise or are unsure if the merchandise you sell is allowed it must be approved by Frank or Tony. You cannot sell anything new that Macy’s sells! If you are unsure what they sell, log onto their web site: and do a search for the merchandise you sell. If Macy’s also sells it, you CANNOT sell it!

4) No counterfeit or “Knock Off” merchandise is allowed! We can be shut down and heavily fined if authorities come in to find counterfeit merchandise at anyone’s booth.

5) NO FOOD SALES ALLOWED – This includes bottled water, snacks, water ice etc… We have 3 food vendors returning: Our Taco Man, Kathy’s Food Cart and Rita’s Water Ice.

6) No subletting or sharing your space with anyone. We granted you permission to vend on the grounds of what you are selling and that you agreed to our terms and no one else.

7) Vendors that sell furniture or heavy items cannot have their customers drive into the market for pick up at your booth. You must take it to the entrance and have them pick it up there. There will be no driving thru the market once we are open at 8AM!

8) Our advertised market hours are 8AM – 4PM. For safety and liability reasons you CANNOT leave until 3:00 at the earliest as shoppers are still in the isles.

9) You MUST remove  all your merchandise and trash at the end of the day. You can deposit your trash in our dumpster on your way out. You must leave your space empty and clean the way you found it in the morning. If we find trash in your space after you leave you will not be permitted back to the Flea Market in the future.

10) Due to space now being limited, Frank will select the vendors that are being placed and will call them no later than Friday, April 7th. If you do not receive a phone call by then, you can assume you weren’t selected. 

11) Due to preparing for all these many changes our Grand Opening will be moved to Sunday, April 16th and will run every Sunday thru November, providing we don’t get shut down earlier due to vendors not following Macy’s rules and guidelines.

Please do not apply for this market if you cannot adhere to these rules.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,